Dear Colleagues and Friends


It is with a great pleasure that we welcome you to join our Virtual “15th International Congress of Immunology and Allergy” (ICIA 2021) in Ahvaz, Iran, from 27 to 29, January. 2021.

Holding such an invaluable academic and scientific meeting provides a good opportunity for sharing ideas and experiences with the most outstanding domestic and international scholars to motivate students and graduates of immunology and all other related fields on their scientific endeavor.

Moreover, with the participation of several scientists and experts in clinical immunology and allergy covering different dimensions such as diagnosis, prevention, and treatment in the field of immunology. Along with contributions from scholars in the innate and adaptive immunity, diseases, and dysregulation of the immune system, immune disorders including allergy/asthma as well as autoimmunity and clinical sciences will help sharing information and strengthen the relationship between basic and clinical sciences, and immune interventions with an emphasis on immunology-based therapy and COVID19 vaccines.

Keynote speeches of different panels, presentation of abstracts, advanced courses, and workshops will form the core of ICIA-2021, which will be the center of attention of all scholars, experts, and students attracted to the field of immunology. Thus, ICIA-2021 strives to take advantage of valuable experiences and ideas to make this meeting more fruitful.

I hope that with the scientific cooperation of nationwide and international medical universities and research centers, together with participation of companies specialized in immunological and laboratory products, pharmaceutical companies and other scientific organizations, ICIA-2021 becomes a memorable meeting for us all.



Ali Khodadadi, Ph.D.
Head of Scientific Committee of the ICIA-2021







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